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Thoughts about 2014 Guatemala Mission Trip – Part 8 – Eve of Departure


It is our last full day in Guatemala and we will be spending it primarily resting from the week and taking in some sights. Today is different than all our other days in that we will not be having breakfast at the River House but will be traveling by boat from Panajachel to have brunch at a hotel called La Casa del Mundo. Part of what makes La Casa del Mundo unique is that it is only reachable by boat or hiking trail. The hotel is literally built into the side of a steep hill overlooking Lake Atitlán. The food was excellent and it afforded an absolutely stunning view of the lake. After brunch we had some time to hang out. I immediately found a comfortable chair and enjoyed the view while reading a book – for me the definition of heaven! (The picture at the top of this post was my view for the morning.)

After brunch some of our group went back to Panajachel to go zip lining. About half of the combined group (St. Mark’s UMC & John’s Creek UMC) went to San Juan La Laguna for a demonstration of local dyeing and weaving techniques and some shopping. The small shop we visited was off the main street and was run by a co-op of women who joined together to sell their wares. The demonstration was interesting and we had an opportunity to buy some of their products after the demonstration.

I did have one item that I wanted to buy while we were in San Juan. It was a painting of the Last Supper. There were a couple of things that made the painting distinctive. One was that the painting was painted as if looking from above, a technique that is found in many of the local paintings, especially marketplace scenes. Secondly, each of the disciples are depicted wearing the characteristic dress from one of the twelve villages around Lake Atitlán. The villages are named after the twelve apostles, so the dress from the village named after a particular disciple is worn by the disciple in the painting. I am including a photo of the painting so you can see what I mean. There is a copy of the painting in the dining room at the River House and I was drawn to it immediately when I first saw it. Tom Heaton, the director of Mission Guatemala, had told me that it was available in a certain shop in San Juan and I was delighted to successfully purchase a copy!

Tonight we will have our final dinner at River House. We will rise early in the morning and head to Guatemala City to catch our flight back to Atlanta and then Indianapolis.


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