Thoughts about weekends that leave you tired

This past weekend was a great weekend but it left me really tired going into the week. Let me give you the highlights. On Friday night we attended a wedding in Indianapolis. The mother of the groom was matron of honor at our wedding so it was great to be with longtime family friends to celebrate. On Saturday morning I taught a group of 18 lay people about the importance of member care and how to do it. Also fun and fulfilling. Saturday afternoon we drove two hours to attend a reunion of people with whom I attended elementary school. We had a great time reconnecting but were dragging when we got back home. Sunday morning I preached at a church in Seymour and dedicated their new church building. A wonderful celebration.

That is a long way of saying that we had a busy weekend. We put a few hundred miles on the car, spent a lot of time visiting with friends and some new acquaintances, and participated in a couple of wonderful celebrations. The problem is, it is Monday morning, time to go back to work, and I am tired! I often hear people complain about being too busy and my pat response is, “I’d rather be busy than bored.” I can say unequivocally that this was not a boring weekend!

For most pastors weekends are an elusive thing, anyway. When your primary work event happens on Sunday morning you don’t get many unencumbered weekends. Most of us make do by taking another day of the week off (Friday for me) but this just puts us out of kilter with the rest of the world. All of those Sunday afternoon extended family get togethers are out of play unless your extended family lives fifteen minutes away which is unlikely in a world where pastors tend to move around.

All of this is a way of saying that what the Bible describes as “sabbath rest” is sometimes difficult to attain in our over-committed, fast paced culture. Even when a weekend is filled with fun and rewarding activities we can find ourselves overextended and sapped of energy. Unfortunately, as was the case for me this past weekend, we are not always in total control of our schedules and many things can get scheduled on the same weekend. I could have chosen to stay home and not attend one or two of these activities but I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. And I am glad I didn’t.  But I couldn’t do this every weekend without breaking down. I need time to be revived.

It was, actually, a very fine weekend and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. But I’m drinking an extra cup of coffee this morning and I might close the door of my office and put my head on my desk this afternoon. When you get to be my age, busy isn’t what it used to be!