Thoughts about turning 53 (or how to get older without really trying)

Tomorrow I will turn 53. I didn’t really plan to get this old, it mostly happened while I wasn’t looking.

I knew I was getting older last summer when my wife and I were making hotel reservations for a week long trip we were taking to North Carolina. As the clerk was taking my reservation over the phone, she cheerfully asked, “Do you have an AARP card?” I silently wondered when I had begun to sound like someone who should have an AARP card.  “Does that make a difference?” I naively asked. “Yes,” she chirped, “There is a ten dollar a day discount.” I promptly told her that I did indeed have an AARP card and quickly went online to find out how I could make that statement a reality. For a seventeen dollar investment I saved over sixty dollars on my hotel bill. Even my addled brain could see that was a good investment. And that is how I entered the ranks of older adults. Selling my youthful pride for a cheaper hotel room.

So, ready or not, here comes another year. I stopped paying much attention to birthdays a few years ago, other than the every decade “big ones.”  I get to hear my mom tell the story of how small I was when I was born and how they couldn’t keep a diaper on my tiny posterior. I am not ready for diapers again (yet) but I am sure I have out grown that particular problem.

My family usually asks me what I want for my birthday and I usually reply, “I want us to do something together as a family.” I can imagine the internal groans as they envision what family torture is in store for them this year. But they are mostly good sports about it. Last year we sat in the rain at an Indianapolis Indians game determined to get the most out of my birthday wish experience.  I personally don’t think a few innings of being cold and damp is too much to ask.

Today, I will celebrate my pre-birthday by going to the BMV to get a new driver’s license, since mine expires tomorrow.  It’s not much but it is probably about as much notice as turning 53 deserves!